Project Recognition

 In order to apply for a determination of the expropriation commission, the project initiator must first obtain project recognition.
 In these proceedings, the project recognition authority (Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, or prefectural governor) assesses whether the project serves the public interest.
 Project recognition becomes effective as of the day on which it is notified.
 To ensure procedural transparency in the project recognition proceedings, the project recognition authority is in principle required to hold a public hearing and consult with a third party body.

《Articles 16 to 26 of the Land Expropriation Act》

Project Recognition

【Commentary】Permission or approval of a city planning project

  Permission or approval granted with regard to a city planning project is deemed as a substitute for project recognition granted by the project recognition authority mentioned above, and with such permission or approval, a determination of the expropriation commission may be applied for.

《Article 70 of the City Planning Act》
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