Acceptance of Application for Determination, and Public Notice and Inspection Thereof

 When an application for a determination on expropriation or a petition for a determination on vacation is filed, the expropriation commission accepts it after examining whether it meets the formality requirements.
 Public notice is given to announce that the application or petition has been filed and accepted, and a copy of the application or petition document is disclosed to the public for 2 weeks from the date of   public notice in the municipality where the land concerned is located.

【Commentary】 Right to submit written opinions

 The right holders may submit their written opinions to the expropriation commission. However, they may include in their opinions only such matters that fall within the scope of examination by the commission, and any irrelevant matters such as an objection regarding the project recognition are deemed not to be included in the opinions.
 Matters that are considered to be relevant to the examination by the commission include: (i) the area of the land to be expropriated or vacated, (ii) compensation for loss, and (iii) the time when the right holders will be deprived of their rights or by when they are required to vacate the land.

《Article 43 of the Land Expropriation Act》

【Commentary】 Right to request expropriation of the remaining land

 If only a part of a land area is expropriated and it would be extremely difficult for the remaining land alone to fulfill the prior use of the land, the landowner may request in the written opinion that the remaining land be expropriated as well.
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