The expropriation commission holds a trial in order to hear opinions from the parties with regard to the matters that are needed to be clarified for making a determination.
 The matters about which the parties are asked at the trial include (i) the area of the land to be expropriated or vacated, (ii) compensation for loss, and (iii) the time when the right holders will be deprived of their rights or by when they are required to vacate the land.
 The parties are not allowed to state their opinions at the trial with regard to such matters that do not fall within the scope of examination by the commission such as an objection regarding the project recognition. They may be restricted from stating the same opinions as those they have previously stated.

《Articles 62 to 65 of the Land Expropriation Act》

【Commentary】 Specially appointed commission members

 The expropriation commission may specially appoint and authorize persons to perform its duties such as conducting a field survey or a trial. The Tokyo Metropolitan Expropriation Commission in principle has trials conducted by such specially appointed commission members.

《Article 60-2 of the Land Expropriation Act》